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The Education Department of MCD is committed to improve the standard of nursery and primary education, qualitatively as well quantitatively, for the harmonious development of children. MCD provides facilities like free school uniforms, jersey, shoes & socks, textbooks, mid-day meals, health cover, scholarships, physical and science education, excursions and education trips. Apart from free textbooks and supplementary reading material, a number of teaching and learning aids are also provided. Audio visual aids such as computers, projectors, TVs, charts, models, pictures, maps, slide from film strips are a few such teaching and learning aids that help in stimulating the interests of the children.

(a) Opening of schools

As per the provisions of the Right of children to Free & Compulsory Education Act, 2009 the State is duty bound to provide elementary education facilities to children at a walkable distance from the place of their residence. These schools are opened with a view to cater to the educational needs of children. If people are relocated from one place to another, Education Department of MCD opens schools for providing the facility of primary schooling to children. The whole programme of opening of primary schools is need based.

(b) Admissions

MCD is running pre-primary and primary schools to cater the educational needs of the children. The admissions of children in municipal school are allowed through out the year in order to provide opportunity to the children to enter into formal system of education. Education has become the fundamental right of every child and admission is not denied to any child. No document/affidavit in respect of date of birth of the child and the record of previous education is required from the parents / guardians of the children. Admission is granted to every child on the basis of a declaration made by the parent / guardian of the child. The admission to out-of-school children is given in the age appropriate class and such students are provided with special training facility so as to bring them at par with other students of the class. Children who have completed 4 years of age as on 31st March, are eligible for admission in pre-primary (nursery) class. Similarly, the Children who have completed 5 years of age as on 31st March, are eligible for admission in class-I and so on for further classes.

(c) Free text books

Education Department, MCD provides free text books to all children studying in Primary Schools every year. All Hindi medium & English text books are purchased from Delhi Bureau of Text Books & Urdu medium text books from NCERT and distributed to schools through zonal stores at the beginning academic session.

(d) Provision for Free Uniform, Jerseys, Shoes & Socks

The Education Department provides subsidy in the form of cash to all the children for purchasing two sets of uniform, a jersey, a pair of shoes & two pairs of socks. The department has paid Rs. 500/- in cash per child to all the children studying in the schools run and aided by MCD for the current year i.e. 2010-2011.

(e) Provision for Free Stationery Items

There is a provision for providing three note books & one drawing book for children studying in class I & II and five note books & one drawing book for children studying in class III, IV & V in Municipal Schools free of cost during the year 2010-2011.

(e) Mid-day-Meal to all children

In pursuance upon the orders passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the scheme of providing cooked Mid-day-Meal to the children enrolled in schools run / aided by MCD has been introduced. All the schools run / aided by MCD are covered under this scheme. For compliance the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and ensuring the quality and quantity of food, the work of providing cooked mid-day-meal to all the children studying in schools run and aided by the MCD has been entrusted to 08 NGOs/Service Providers. These NGOs/Service Providers has established 10 semi automated kitchens throughout the Delhi for preparing and serving good hygienic food to children.



(f) Computer Aided Learning in schools

To improve the academic standards of the children, Education Department has introduced Computer Aided Leaning, in the Schools run by it, in phased manner. All the MCD primary schools have been grouped in four groups i.e. Group ‘A’, Group ‘B’, Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’. Three MCD zones have been taken in one group. This program is named as Project Sharada. At present, Computer Aided Learning Centers has been established in 1381 Municipal schools spanning all 12 zones. These 1381 schools have been scrutinized taking in view that the school has sufficient basic infrastructure and facilities and sizeable number of children in class III, class IV & Class V. Department has plan to provide such computer labs in the remaining schools under the scheme of Computer Aided Learning Programme.

(g) Insurance cover to the Children

With a view to provide insurance cover to all the children enrolled in schools run /aided by Municipal Corporation of Delhi, a scheme of Group Accidental Insurance has been introduced for benefit of children in case of injuries, loss of limb etc. The gist of the scheme is :


Accidental death and benefits (except Medical Reimbursement) to any school child of MCD while in school, at home, in the Play Ground or anywhere in India

Benefits :

a. Accidental Death Only Rs. 50,000/-

b. Loss of Two Limbs or One Limb & One Eye Rs. 50,000/-

c. 100% Permanent Disablement (other than above) Rs. 50,000/-

d. Loss of One Limb or One Eye Rs. 25,000/-


Medical Reimbursement

The policy will provide for reimbursement of Medical expenses to maximum amount of Rs. 2000/- incurred by a student for treatment in a recognised Nursing Home or Hospital as in-patient or out-patient treatment for an injury sustained in an Accident only during the Insurance period. Insurance benefits will be available in the Municipal area only and not out side Delhi. The benefit will cover 24 hrs. X 365 days.


Hospitalisation Expenses

The company shall provide the Hospitalisation Expenses to maximum amount of Rs. 10,000/- incurred by a student for treatment in a recognised Nursing Home or Hospital as In-Patient for an injury sustained in an accident only during school timings and in school premises only.

(h) No fees / funds from students

Children studying in MCD schools need not to pay any kind of fee / fund such as boys fund, hobby funds, PTA fund etc. at the time of admission in the municipal schools or thereafter. The expenditure made by schools on such accounts is recouped by MCD every year.

(i) School Health Services

There is a branch of Health Department in the name of School Health Services headed by Addl. MHO (SHS). There is also one Health Centre in each zone and the Medical Officers & para-medical staff visits the Municipal Schools for health check up of the children regularly and provides medical assistance. In addition the department is also providing hearing aids and spectacles to the needy children.

(j ) School Buildings

Engineering department of MCD has been entrusted with the task of construction of school buildings. The entire amount of Plan funds earmarked for construction of school buildings is placed at the disposal of the Engineering Department. Requisitions received from the zonal authorities are scrutinised at HQ level and the approved requisitions are forwarded to Engineering Department for carrying out construction activities. MCD is running schools in pucca buildings, semi pucca buildings, pre-fabricated structures. No School is permanently running in the tents. The department has made provision of Rs.50,000/- per annum for minor repair & maintenance of each school building. This amount is spent by the Principal of the School with approval of committee constituted at school level for this purpose.


(k) Vidayala Kalyan Samiti (VKS)

Vidyalaya Kalyan Samiti (VKS) has been constituted in each of the municipal school to plan and make best utilization of various funds provided by Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).

(l) Conduct of Scholarship Examination

The children of class IV & V who have secured 60% or more marks in the annual examination of the previous year are eligible to appear in the Scholarship (Medhavi) Exams held by the department every year. Scholarship in lump sum of Rs. 500/- for Class-IV and Rs. 700/- for Class-V along with merit certificate is given away to each child who stands in merit. Children of recognised schools who stand in merit list are entitled for merit certificate only.

(m) Cash incentive to girl child

A provision has been made to provide Rs. 200/- for each girl child studying in Municipal Schools. The cash incentive for the current year is expected to be disbursed by February, 2011.

(n) Sports activities

MCD Organise/ conduct inter-school games & sports competitions at zonal level and inter-zonal games & sports competitions at central level. The meritorious students who excels in games and sports are awarded sports scholarships.

(o) Greenery & Plantation in school

The department has made financial provision for greenery & plantation in municipal schools. During Vana Mahotsava, saplings of plants shall be provided by the horticulture department. Children are actively involved in nurturing of saplings so as to motivate them to make their school and surrounding environment friendly.

(p) English medium schools

The department has started English medium classes in 515 municipal schools as a pilot project.




(q) Other activities

For the all round development of personality of child, education department organises various activities in which children participate and get the incentives / prizes at different levels as given below:-

  1. Celebration of Independence Day

  2. Celebration of Republic Day

  3. Organising Gandhi Mela

  4. Organising Bal Diwas

  5. Organising Science Fairs

  6. Immunisation of Pulse Polio Abhiyan

  7. Cubs & Bulbul Rally

  8. Organising Coaching camps and tournaments

  9. Organising Delhi Darshan & Bharat Darshan


(r) Citizens interaction

There are existing forums available in the department for the interaction with the citizens / parents of children enrolled in MCD schools. These forums provide an opportunity for citizens / parents participation and involvement in the smooth functioning of the school system and for organizing activities which are instrumental in bringing out of school children to the school fold, in increasing the retention power of the school system and reducing drop out rates. These forums provide an opportunity for interaction of citizens / parents in the field of provision of basic infrastructural facilities, upkeep of school complexes and in maintaining discipline etc. in school. Vidhyalaya Kalyan Samities, Parent Teachers’ Association etc. are working in the field of having a dialogue between the different stake holders.



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